Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Bought in September

Statement necklace from Costa Blanca

I love hauls.
It is my guilty pleasure I will watch a ton of haul videos and then go on to read tons of haul blog post. It’s an obsession.
 I am not sure why I like them so much, but I think it’s because I love to shop and hunt for deals myself so therefore I love to know what other people are buying and what kind of deals they scored.

Moving on to what this post is really about...
Although I didn’t buy anything this month (I was on a No-Buy) I did received two gorgeous necklaces that I absolutely adore and had to share.
Both Statement Necklaces came form Costa Blanca
1. Pink, Mint and Silver all over.
Originally $14.50, On Sale for $10.50, Was Purchased for $8.70
(they had a special sale the day we got it)

rose dandelion dupe
I was shocked to see this necklace at Costa Blanca and instantly thought of the Bauble Bar necklace that recently re-launched with MissGlamorazzi special Bartender Collection (Im obsessed with the collection btw).
The Rose Dandelion Bib retails currently retails for $38 USD & is currently backordered till November! So if you are looking for a very similar dupe you can find it at Costa Blanca for less than or around $10.
Although there are differences between the two necklaces I  still adore the one I got over the Bauble Bar one (but that doesn't mean I won't scoop that one up as well).
The Costa Blanca one is silver based with hints of mint green and pink and the Bauble Bar Rose Dandelion Necklace is gold based and pink.  
2. Pink and Gold with a bit of Sparkle
After perusing around Bauble Bar website I notice that this necklace is very similar to their Ruby Rainbow Collar, although its not an exact dupe I think it comes really close
Here's a side by side comparison:

Originally $12.50, Was Purchased for $7.50
Ruby Rainbow collar dupe
right photo credit
I just loved this one, I find it so dainty and pretty and makes me feel really girly when I wear it.
I posted this up early because I know I will not be doing anymore shopping until October and wanted to share the deal with you guys incase you were looking at either of these necklaces. 

I'll try and make my photos better I swear !
Happy Shopping !

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