Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall - Current Fall Wants

Happy 1st Official Day of Fall Everyone ! 

Summer is gone and fall has finally arrived. I thought what better way to kick off fall with a ‘Fall Want’s’ post. Being on a no-buy this September has me constantly reevaluating and scaling down what I want to get for this fall.  Although there's a growing list of things I want, the things that I've deemed absolutely necessary are a Cargo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants and Booties.

1. A Beige Cargo Jacket 

I have one currently from H&M (you may have seen it in here) but it's just too thin. It makes a great summer and spring jacket but in reality I only find it to be a bit thicker then a dress shirt and only slight warmer than a light cardigan. 
The Cargo / Safari Jacket

Left to Right

2. The Tuxedo Pants or Leather Stripe Legging 

Leather details are still big this season and I have fell in love with this trend. I had an opportunity to snatch up a pair last season but I deemed that I had too many black pants at the time. I still have too many black pants this year but I will not turn the chance down again 
Tuxedo Pants & Tuxedo Leggings
In the past I could never bring my self to get a pair I have always been the riding boot kind of girl but have seen booties all over the place this year has made obsessed with finding my own perfect pair. I still on the hunt but these are the ones I have my eye on. 

Glitter Back Booties + Buckle Booties

Left to Right
c.      Little Burgundy – HibouGwenola: $119.98

There you have it my current top 3 wants for fall. Ill do more of these post later on in the season (I already have an idea for the second edition). I really enjoyed doing this post - It was like doing shopping research.

Thanks for Stopping by.

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