Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I've officially bought my domain and launch my new blog, although its in the early stages come take a peek !

I hope you join me on at my new home :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Loafer Love

I adore loafers; I got my first pair a couple years ago from Aldo Shoes. They were gold and glittery and I felt like a leprechaun in them, it was great. Needless to say I wore them everywhere, everyday in rain or shine. I wore until the glue of the soles wore off.
 They just went with everything an I loved how they looked (plus being able to wear those mini was an added bonus in the winter seasons.)
These are the loafers that are currently on my radar
 1. Shopbop Marais - $180 USD or $193.44 CAD

I follow Mackenzie Horan on twitter and last month sometime she wrote that she purchase these and immediately I was in love (& found myself obsessed with finding more).

I love the velvet loafer with the added bow, it makes an adorable combination.

Forever 21 $29.80 USD33 or 35.80 CAD
I visit the Forever 21 site pretty regularly and today I stumbled across these and thought that they were so neat. Velvet and tassels Loafers are a perfect vintagey combination.

Nordstrom Isola 89.95 USD or 97.22 CAD
I'm a gold girl. I just think it looks more classic as apposed to the more modern silver. I love bows too as you saw from my first choice. So to put these together is absolutely amazing.

 Ps: Remember my cat loafer dupe post? I found a seller on eBay that sells them for 5 dollars! Needless to say I bought some and will review them as soon as I receive them. It's coming straight out of Hong Kong so the quality is usually a hit or miss but it was only 5 dollars. So fingers crossed its a hit !
(as of today the price has unfortunately gone up to $15.00)

 That's all for my latest obsession


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#WishlistWednesday - Beauty Edition

 Let me start my saying I am not much for beauty items, I think I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to wearing makeup but for some reason beyond me I love buy it.


 I currently own #9 in Caress Pink from the Silky Sensual Line and absolutely love it. The lipstick itself is really moisturizing and the colour payoff is great but what I really love is the packaging. YSL really out did themselves when it came to designing this lipstick, it's absolutely beautiful. I could certainly get a good lipstick for a lesser price but it wouldn't make me feel as good as this one. There's just something about whipping out this lipstick or even just having it with me that just boosts my confidence.

2. Buxom Full On Lipstick in Sydney $23 CAD or $19 USD

 If you couldn't tell already by just looking at this post I'm a lip person. My everyday makeup routine is pretty basic and more often then not I forget to even put on a lip product but I can never get enough of them. To me lipstick just completes the look This item was completely influenced by meghanrosette and Lauren Elizabeth on YouTube. I recently watched one of their videos and was completely sold...

3. Dior Crème de Rose Lip Balm $29 CAD or $27 USD

 Again this product is completely YouTube influenced by Elle Fowler and MissGlamorazzi. In my defense I went to Sephora recently to test out this product (on the back of my hand) and it felt great. My lips great really chapped and I still haven't found a lip balm that works for me just yet. So fingers cross this will be the one.
4. Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream $80 CAD or $69 USD
Although I'm still in my early twenties, I am one to believe that prevention is everything. I don't have much experience with eye cream but I've hear good things about this one and I'm curious to try it out. I am currently testing out a Kiehl's one, so it might be a toss up for one of theirs or this one.
That's everything that is currently in my Sephora Basket.
Thanks again for stopping by,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

101 thing in 1001 days - #66: Go One Month Without Buying Anything

Happy October Everyone !

I did it, I went one whole month without purchasing anything for myself!
I really didn't think I could do it, I mean September is the start of fall, the start of big sweaters, statement jackets and scarves. The season that majority of shopaholics love to dress and buy for and I am no exception. Season after season I always get lured in to store pre-season collections and I end up buying things that I can't wear yet just because I want them.

I buy useless, unnecessary things all the time. I buy things, forget about them and then buy something that looks just like it... This no buy has made me really reflective about the things I do own and the things I may need want later down the line.

My goal moving forward is to just try and buy things on sale or already inexpensive. This may sound like a cheap statement, but I don't think it is, not really anyways. The bottom line to me is that everything goes on sale eventually and there will always be something I want. Going on this no buy has help better grasp the concept that I will not die if I don't get the shoes or jacket or shirt and blogging again has made me realize there will always be things I want to buy. Therefore I will definitely be posting more wish-list wednesdays and post like those because I think they are fun and I really do enjoy them but will live carelessly through bloggers, instagram and Youtube when it comes to hauling items (unless I really deem that I need it).

But at last September is over and October has began, I love October between Thanksgiving (Canadian) and Halloween it really puts in a festive spirt.

So here is to  a wonderful October!