Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aritzia Warehouse Sale - Round 3 and 4

I keep telling myself to stop but I honestly cant stay away. The past couple years I've been able to stay away from this sale, even when I went I didn't buy anything the past two years. But for some reason this year has been my year. I have found so many great things this year. Everything I bought so far I wanted in stores at one point but I couldn't justify the price in stores.
Round 3 findings (Friday, August 30th):
1. Babaton Finnegan Blouse in Black - $14.99 originally $98
found here (sold out)
2. Babaton Bowie Tank in Mint - $9.99 originally $35 
buy here (sold out in mint)
Round 4 findings (Saturday August 31st)
1. Babaton Finley Blouse in Black- $14.99 (originally $115)
I already know this one is just like the Finnegan Blouse but with sleeves, but I couldn't pass it up for the price, I've lusted after this top since its come out and I couldn't believe someone else passed on it. I had to get it...
2. Rag and Bone Plush Jeggings in black - $19.99 (originally $210)
These are so incredibly soft, again I can't believe someone passed on it. They are such a steal and essential.
I will post up actual photos tonight when I get home, but I just wanted to share what I found and encourage whoever is reading this to go ! Prices and the crowds and dropping significantly !
I went both days around 12pm and didn't have to wait in any sort of line !
Do I know I'm addict? yes, Will I go at least one more time? yes, Will I blog about it ? most likely :).
What's my tally so far ?
My total retail is $1529.92 (w/tax)
I've actually spent $391.91 (w/tax)
I've saved $1138.01

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Aritzia Warehouse Sale - Round 2 !

I couldn't stay away...
I had work off to today and went to the sale around 11am and found some amazing things !
The sale is definitely worth going to especially if you are willing to wait for the new things to come out of stock room. Girls were crazy but were nice at the same time :). 

Left: Beige Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket in x-small for $199 (retails for $575!)
This was a steal, the girl that originally had it tried it on and put it back on the rack, I thought it wasn't my size but when I looked I was thrilled !

Right: Wilfred lace tank in xx-small for $9.99 (retails for $70)
Another steal and another girl just put it back !

stock photos:
Mackage Kenya

Lace top:

I calculated what I have spent so far (this trip and Tuesday's trip) versus what the retail prices are and I have to say I did really good. 

Total retail (with tax) = $1016.96
Total spent (with tax) = $323
Total saved = $693.96

I still can't I found the coat in my size, I am so in love. I will definitely be going back one more time before it ends, maybe twice !

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This jacket is not my typical style but when I saw it intrigued me and when I tried it on I started to fall in love with it. Now I cant stop thinking about it.
Its a wonderful way to incorporate the fall trends of army green and leather

Incredibly comfy and the definition of fall to me ! 

I have the regular Pixie pants and they are amazing (these are currently on sale on JCREW factory for $46.00) !  I love this trend since last year and past on a great pair from Forever 21.

This dress permanently sits in my shopping cart. I love it but cant bring myself to order it (shift dress don't always fit well on me). The scallops give the dress such a delicate touch. I love it.

5. EXPRESS - Chiffon Lined Tulip Back Sweater $49.90
I just love the back of this top !


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2013

Today I went to the highly anticipated Aritzia Warehouse Sale with my lovely sister. As the photo above states it opened at 8am. We me being the crazed shopper we are I am woke up at 5:30 and got to the Vancouver Convention Centre at 6:45.  There were a lot of people in front of us but even more behind us !

What I wore:
Cargo Jacket from H&M, Plain White Tank and Black Jeggings from Citizens of Hummanity 
I like to keep things simple, with only one large dressing room and having to check my bag I like to bring and wear the minimal and bring the absolute minimal to avoid bag check.

What I scored:

Left: Tinsley Blouse originally $98 I bought it for $39.99
Right: Bergen Blouse originally $165 I bought it for $39.99

Stock photos because mine don't do them justice.

1. Tinsley Blouse

2. Bergen Blouse 

Overall I think that the sale was worth it, they had tons of stock and tons of great items. Although I wanted more, I am extremely happy with my purchases.

My tips if your planning to go:

1. Go early 
Not only do you get first dibs you get a cleaner environment. By the time me and my sister left things were EVERYWHERE. 

2. Dress appropriately
Again there is only 1 change room with limited room and mirrors. Your going to have to change with a ton of other girls. I even saw people strip on the sales floor !

3. Set a budget
It so easy to get caught up in the sale and forget about everything else. Many times you end up spending way more then expected.

 4. Justify purchases
Just because its on sale doesn't mean you need it. 
I've regretted so many of my purchases in the past 

5. Bring only what you need 
If you can get away with just your credit card and key just bring that. You have to check your bag at the door and really that just slows you from getting in.


Monday, August 26, 2013


With Graduation looming around for me its about time I finally buckle down and ask myself :
What do I want to be/do when I grow up/graduate?

If you read my last post  you would know that I've spent my summer working on the marketing team at my company and although it was a wonderful experience it was also an extremely challenging one as well. It made realized what a loved to do but it also showed me that I don't quite meet the requirements. I struggled with the position, there was a lot I need to learn and I made a lot of mistakes. Thankfully I was surrounded by incredibly supportive people and I managed to push through it and learned a lot.

This summer I found what I loved to do, but I also realized that there still a lot of things I need to learn in order to pursue it as a Career. Choosing the job is one thing making yourself qualified for the position is whole different story.

I guess my point to this post is take risk and explore all your options, do not settle for something you like to do, strive until you find what you love to do. And when you find what you love make sure you are the best candidate out there.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am an avid list maker and a frequent window shopper so I love this tag when I first saw it on Krista's Blog: Southern Shopaholic
So here is currently on my wish list:
I currently own the a beige on and absolutely adore it for both work and school but due the lightness in colour it gets dirty quite easily :(. I love red as a pop of colour and really want to add this one to my wardrobe.
I know summer is ending but it doesn't stop me from wanting these any less. However unlike the other items on my list where I can justify purchasing these I think will permanently live on the wishlist. Why? because I have sat on, wrecked or lost all my sunglasses to date.
3. IPAD mini 
Apple gets me every time, when this first came out I thought it was absolutely ridiculous like the regular IPAD was cool enough and I thought the mini was just an overkill. Until I saw my friend use it for all her class and thought it was genius. She only had to carry a light tote to each class, where I carried my heavy backpack or a huge tote cause I need to carry my laptop on me a all times. Needless to say I will most likely be purchasing one once the IPAD 2 comes (rumour has it in October).

4. JCREW Factory Crystal Pendant Necklace
I was on a hunt for the Lattice Necklace Dupe last year. This year JCREW have duped themselves and I am in serious lust.
This was love at sight.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Printed Summer Work Outfits

With summer coming to a quick end (insert crying face). I want to share my favorite summer work outfits.
Being a work 5 days a week this summer has definitely grown my 'professional' wardrobe but I am a constant outfit repeater and these 2 outfits have definitely been my favorites and most repeated...
1. Chevron
  Dress: GAP (Sold Out)
Sandals: Target
2. Striped
Shirt: Banana Republic (old)
Sandals: Target


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Change is good ?

It’s pretty obvious from the picture but yesterday I cut my hair. I’ve had the same hair cut since I can remember. I did change it once before this and it was moving my lovely middle part into a side part back in 7th grade.
 I’m still getting use to the change it is very different from what I’m use to. Some moments I like it and some moments I think who is that looking back at me.
 Overall I am glad I did it, because now I know what I look like with bangs. But I don’t like it when it’s down and straight nor do I like it right now. However I do like it when it’s up and tied back with just the bangs down.
I don’t hate it but I don’t love it, its going to take some more getting use to...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Falling into Fridays - Shoes

With summer coming to a quit end ( :( ), I have caught the fall shoe bug. I’m going to miss the summer weather, but I'm currently loving all the fall shoe choices !

1.     Tory Burch riding boots.
They are all amazing and I have fell more and more in love with them with every passing pinterest or tumblr post I see on them. (The ones pictured are older ones, but I loved the cognac color so much and I sure as we get closer to fall she will be coming out with more!

I lover glitter shoes, I think they give and outfit such a great girly look. Needless to say it was love at first site when I spotted these babies.

What worst then being caught in the rain? Being caught in the rain with wet feet, I for one absolutely hate it when my feet, especially my socks get wet.

I’m currently obsessed with the idea of getting ankle booties. I love the look of them and think it’s a great way of keeping your toes warm this autumn.

I usually not one for animal print but on shoes they are amazing. A statement or bold shoe is a great way to play up an outfit and the color in these make them perfect for fall in my opinion.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Favorite Work Pants

The majority of my summer I have spent working and although my office is business causal, people here tend to dress how they like, we have agents that wear swim shorts and t-shirts to people in full on suits.

Before this summer I only worked one 'business' day a week (I worked the weekend too but it was unwritten rule that weekends were wear whatever you want to the office day, pjs included !) but because I was in the office more and I had a more 'important' position I wanted needed to vamp up my wardrobe. I want to fall somewhere between swim shorts and suit (leaning more towards suits). It was then that I was introduced to Minnie.

I first met Minnie last summer down in Portland, Oregon at a JCREW Factory outlet. I originally found out about her through the wonderful world of YouTube (I'm addicted to haul videos) and was thrilled when she was at the outlet for an extra 30% off. So how could I say no?

Next thing you know, I now own 4 pairs (3 Minnie's, 1 dupe). What I love the most about these pants are you really don't have to break the bank for them. I have gotten all of mine on sale ranging from $10 dollars to $55)

They feel like leggings, the crop hits you perfectly (sometimes you need to adjust it), they look professional, and most importantly don't break the bank.

Here are my tips to scoring your own Minnie's

why I love it:
-They are an exact dupe for JCREW Minnie pant 
-The factory store consistently has 40-50 percent off sales
-The factory store sells them in wearable, staple colours.
(I've got my navy ones for $55 and my black ones for $45) 

Why I love it:
-You can find fun colours
-If you wait till there super sales (extra 40%) you can find some for super cheap, were talking $17 cheap.
(I got my royal blue ones for $17)

3. Dupe it.
After my life altering discovery of these wonderful pants I start seeing them everywhere at every price point and in tons of different colours.

My own dupe is from Old Navy and they are called "The Diva Skinny-Ankle Pants."I have these in a dark grey and paid $10)

I've gotten my sister a dupe pair at Banana Republic and they are called "Sloan fit slim ankle pant." I paid $45 for hers.

And finally I was lusting over a couple pairs (mint and red) on Aritzia site when they were on sale but regrettably decided against them. They are called the "Elliot Pant

All the store i've mention have wonderful sales and you can often find them for more 50% off !

& that ends my tribute to my favorite work pants.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards"

To be honest I never understood that saying, I always believe that someone shouldn't take on more than what they could handle cause that often leads to sloppy and late work. It wasn't until I went through it myself that I finally understood what the quote was saying. 

Good opportunities and good timing don't always go hand in hand. So if the right opportunity comes up, say yes and I know you'll be able to figure it out afterwards !

My example

A few months ago I found out that if I were to take a summer semester this year I would be able to graduate Spring 2014. At the time I was in the middle of my third year and ecstatic to finally see the end. After I choosing my courses, I realized that I only had to be at school one day a week meaning I still had 6 days a week of summer.
Two weeks before classes started, one of the Marketing Coordinators at my office quit. My Marketing director was in a scramble to replace her and everyone in the office said that I should ask for the position. Although I did think about it, I honestly didn't even think I would be considered, I barely had any graphic design skills nor did I have a marketing background and besides everyone knew I had only one more year left of school let and I already paid my tuition.

But to my surprise my Marketing Director asked me if I was interested in help them out until they were able to find someone else and before even giving it a second thought I said yes because it was an amazing opportunity (and I also have a hard time saying no).

Before I knew it I was acting as the temporary marketing coordinator, doing everything from designing advertisements to help planning events. 

It was the best and worst 3 months of my working here. It was the best because I got to experience what a 'Big Girl' job was and I finally found something I thoroughly loved and enjoyed to do. It was the worst because I still had school, I took 3 upper division class that semester (12 credits) and that meant 3 course filled with exams, readings, papers and projects on top of my new responsibilities at work

 Between 45+ hours a week of work and 3 courses times were hard and sleep was minimum. But I made it through and as cheesy as it sounds, I wouldn't change a thing. I learned a grew so much as a person during the past 3 months and now I have a clearly idea of my future.

So just "say 'yes' and figure it out afterwards"