Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am an avid list maker and a frequent window shopper so I love this tag when I first saw it on Krista's Blog: Southern Shopaholic
So here is currently on my wish list:
I currently own the a beige on and absolutely adore it for both work and school but due the lightness in colour it gets dirty quite easily :(. I love red as a pop of colour and really want to add this one to my wardrobe.
I know summer is ending but it doesn't stop me from wanting these any less. However unlike the other items on my list where I can justify purchasing these I think will permanently live on the wishlist. Why? because I have sat on, wrecked or lost all my sunglasses to date.
3. IPAD mini 
Apple gets me every time, when this first came out I thought it was absolutely ridiculous like the regular IPAD was cool enough and I thought the mini was just an overkill. Until I saw my friend use it for all her class and thought it was genius. She only had to carry a light tote to each class, where I carried my heavy backpack or a huge tote cause I need to carry my laptop on me a all times. Needless to say I will most likely be purchasing one once the IPAD 2 comes (rumour has it in October).

4. JCREW Factory Crystal Pendant Necklace
I was on a hunt for the Lattice Necklace Dupe last year. This year JCREW have duped themselves and I am in serious lust.
This was love at sight.

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