Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2013

Today I went to the highly anticipated Aritzia Warehouse Sale with my lovely sister. As the photo above states it opened at 8am. We me being the crazed shopper we are I am woke up at 5:30 and got to the Vancouver Convention Centre at 6:45.  There were a lot of people in front of us but even more behind us !

What I wore:
Cargo Jacket from H&M, Plain White Tank and Black Jeggings from Citizens of Hummanity 
I like to keep things simple, with only one large dressing room and having to check my bag I like to bring and wear the minimal and bring the absolute minimal to avoid bag check.

What I scored:

Left: Tinsley Blouse originally $98 I bought it for $39.99
Right: Bergen Blouse originally $165 I bought it for $39.99

Stock photos because mine don't do them justice.

1. Tinsley Blouse

2. Bergen Blouse 

Overall I think that the sale was worth it, they had tons of stock and tons of great items. Although I wanted more, I am extremely happy with my purchases.

My tips if your planning to go:

1. Go early 
Not only do you get first dibs you get a cleaner environment. By the time me and my sister left things were EVERYWHERE. 

2. Dress appropriately
Again there is only 1 change room with limited room and mirrors. Your going to have to change with a ton of other girls. I even saw people strip on the sales floor !

3. Set a budget
It so easy to get caught up in the sale and forget about everything else. Many times you end up spending way more then expected.

 4. Justify purchases
Just because its on sale doesn't mean you need it. 
I've regretted so many of my purchases in the past 

5. Bring only what you need 
If you can get away with just your credit card and key just bring that. You have to check your bag at the door and really that just slows you from getting in.


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