Tuesday, October 1, 2013

101 thing in 1001 days - #66: Go One Month Without Buying Anything

Happy October Everyone !

I did it, I went one whole month without purchasing anything for myself!
I really didn't think I could do it, I mean September is the start of fall, the start of big sweaters, statement jackets and scarves. The season that majority of shopaholics love to dress and buy for and I am no exception. Season after season I always get lured in to store pre-season collections and I end up buying things that I can't wear yet just because I want them.

I buy useless, unnecessary things all the time. I buy things, forget about them and then buy something that looks just like it... This no buy has made me really reflective about the things I do own and the things I may need want later down the line.

My goal moving forward is to just try and buy things on sale or already inexpensive. This may sound like a cheap statement, but I don't think it is, not really anyways. The bottom line to me is that everything goes on sale eventually and there will always be something I want. Going on this no buy has help better grasp the concept that I will not die if I don't get the shoes or jacket or shirt and blogging again has made me realize there will always be things I want to buy. Therefore I will definitely be posting more wish-list wednesdays and post like those because I think they are fun and I really do enjoy them but will live carelessly through bloggers, instagram and Youtube when it comes to hauling items (unless I really deem that I need it).

But at last September is over and October has began, I love October between Thanksgiving (Canadian) and Halloween it really puts in a festive spirt.

So here is to  a wonderful October!

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