Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Loafer Love

I adore loafers; I got my first pair a couple years ago from Aldo Shoes. They were gold and glittery and I felt like a leprechaun in them, it was great. Needless to say I wore them everywhere, everyday in rain or shine. I wore until the glue of the soles wore off.
 They just went with everything an I loved how they looked (plus being able to wear those mini was an added bonus in the winter seasons.)
These are the loafers that are currently on my radar
 1. Shopbop Marais - $180 USD or $193.44 CAD

I follow Mackenzie Horan on twitter and last month sometime she wrote that she purchase these and immediately I was in love (& found myself obsessed with finding more).

I love the velvet loafer with the added bow, it makes an adorable combination.

Forever 21 $29.80 USD33 or 35.80 CAD
I visit the Forever 21 site pretty regularly and today I stumbled across these and thought that they were so neat. Velvet and tassels Loafers are a perfect vintagey combination.

Nordstrom Isola 89.95 USD or 97.22 CAD
I'm a gold girl. I just think it looks more classic as apposed to the more modern silver. I love bows too as you saw from my first choice. So to put these together is absolutely amazing.

 Ps: Remember my cat loafer dupe post? I found a seller on eBay that sells them for 5 dollars! Needless to say I bought some and will review them as soon as I receive them. It's coming straight out of Hong Kong so the quality is usually a hit or miss but it was only 5 dollars. So fingers crossed its a hit !
(as of today the price has unfortunately gone up to $15.00)

 That's all for my latest obsession


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  1. I love the first and third pair. I agree gold is timeless and always classy. I might have to go try that 3rd pair in the store!

    Ashley | History in High Heels